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In 1939, eighteen year old JOHN MACLEAN was the first from his remote area of Scotland to get a place at Edinburgh University, however events on the global stage were to completely change the direction of his life. Throughout WWII John was a British Military Intelligence officer, living on his wits, operating behind enemy lines in Norway, Italy and even countries which were supposed to be neutral.

[Photo June 1945: Maclean far right, Fehmer second right]

John single-handedly captured SS Hauptsturmführer Siegfried Fehmer, head of the Gestapo in Norway, in June 1945, high on a Norwegian mountain during a snow storm. It was a further two days before John could get Fehmer off the mountain, plenty of time for both men to reflect over the previous 6 years and the lives they had lost.

This is not just another war drama: real people lived, loved and gave their lives so that we might have the chance to know this story. Gillean's Children is a dramatised account of the life of John Maclean - it is a true story.

Gillean of the Battle Axe was a celebrated 13th century warrior, rewarded by the King of Dalriada with the Island of Mull. 'Maclean' means 'son of [Gil] lean' - hence all Macleans are Gillean's Children.

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